Who We Are

We are a group of young adults, supported by our local parishes, that aim to grow in discipleship and become equipped for the work of evangelization together. 


We firmly believe that proximity is required for real community. We exclusively seek to serve young adults who live in the “west denver” area (lakewood, arvada, golden, evergreen). 

If you are from outside our ministry area, you are welcome to come visit one of our monthly gatherings to get a feel for our ministry and community. However, participation in one of our chapters is reserved for young adults who live in our ministry area.


Our community meets every month on the 2nd Thursday of the month

These meetings are open invitation, meaning, any young adult is welcome to join us.

Please use the RSVP on our home page to let us know you are coming so we can provide enough food for dinner!


We strive together after “the art of living” within small, family like communities.

We call these small “family units” our chapters.

Chapters are a place in which we are known, loved, accepted, supported, and challenged to live the Gospel radically in our lives

Our Vision

more coming soon.

Our Leadership Team

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